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Become data vigilant

Creating a single customer view will help your business
consolidate and optimize your valuable customer data.

Creating a single customer view

Customer loyalty and brand recognition lead to increased and repeat sales. However, to create this loyalty, businesses must fully understand their customers’ needs and buying preferences. Most businesses use multiple databases to store their data. This can easily result in duplicate accounts and makes it difficult for businesses to create a view of the customer that incorporates all of this valuable data into a single source.

A single customer view, consolidates your customers’ data into one record to give you a holistic view of your customers and their transaction history. By consolidating customer accounts, you can provide superior customer service. Careful tracking of all customer interactions enables your organization to create a personalized customer experience.

A single customer view also enables businesses to run more efficiently. Your marketing department can be confident they’re targeting their campaigns based on accurate information, and your finance group can easily access the most up-to-date billing data for customers. This also enables you to control the number of communications that are sent to your customers, eliminating duplicates.

Actions to create a single customer data view

Cleanse existing data

Human error happens. Ensure that your customer data is accurate. Cleansing tools will correct and standardize data like mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Integrate databases

Consolidate your information and ensure that all members of your organization have a complete view of your information. 

Remove duplicates

Now that you can look further into your customer data, you can consolidate information and remove or combine duplicate accounts.

Prevent future duplicates

Real-time cleansing tools that prevent inaccurate and duplicate information at the point of entry eliminate inaccuracies and keep your data standardized. 

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