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DataArc 360TM

powered by Experian PandoraTM

About DataArc 360™

DataArc 360TM is a credit reporting software that will help your organization adhere to the Metro 2® format. Powered by Experian Pandora, DataArc 360TM is an innovative data management platform with pre-built rules to help data furnishers minimize disputes and support organizational data management processes.

Designed with the business user in mind, DataArc 360TM empowers analysts to profile, transform, and manage consumer credit data quality over time. Data files are checked against the Metro 2® rules and DataArc 360TM credit reporting software flags any discrepancies before they are submitted to the bureaus. With customizable dashboards and alerts, data furnishers are able to monitor their data and achieve accuracy in credit reporting.

Features of DataArc 360

  • Usability: Installs in minutes and begin seeing value immediately.
  • Scalability: Profiles data against Metro 2® standards quickly, allowing you to browse through as many as 2 billion records on screen within seconds.
  • Automated and comprehensive: With more than 115 custom, pre-built rules, DataArc 360TM analyzes, corrects, and reports on your data automatically.
  • Collaborative: Empower both business and technical users to proactively manage credit files with role-based security permissions.
  • Issue management: Quickly identify and resolve errors in your data file prior to submission to the credit bureaus.

Overview of Metro 2®

Created by the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA), Metro 2® is a standard electronic reporting format that data furnishers must adhere to when submitting consumer credit information to the credit bureaus. It is designed to help data contributors ensure they are providing accurate, quality consumer credit information and complying with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Whether you’re a bank, credit union, credit card company, retailer, energy company, or other credit furnisher, your organization is obligated to report accurate consumer credit history. To streamline this process, the credit reporting industry has adopted Metro 2® which helps data providers submit a standardized data format, ensure accurate data reporting to credit agencies, and meet FCRA compliance requirements.

Did you know...

of financial institutions believe increasing regulation has driven their need for better data analytics and management  

of financial institutions believe it is difficult to predict when and where the next data challenge will arise

of financial institutions say they wait until there are specific issues with data until they are addressed and fixed

of financial institutions struggle with outdated information

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