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Experian Free Data Profiler

Leverage your data for actionable insight with our Free Data Profiler’s robust data profiling and data discovery capabilities. 

Designed with business users in mind, this easy-to-use tool enables you to quickly gain insight from your data. Using this free data profiling tool, you can:

  • Explore data across disparate data sources
  • Analyze your data to find relationships and potential issues
  • Understand what problems exist within your data
  • Identify actions to remediate the root causes of data issues
  • Develop custom rules for immediate, effortless data quality reporting

Experian is one of the leading vendors in this market, and it will come as no surprise that Pandora is the highest rated of the products.

Philip Howard Research Director, Bloor Research

Features of the Experian Free Data Profiler:

  • Instantly profiles your data using more than 250 metadata attributes
  • Proactively conducts a complete profile of all your data to identify relationships, outliers, or format distribution across disparate systems
  • Analyzes up to 1 million records across 50 tables
  • Examines relationships and redundancies across systems instantaneously

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*Currently, the Experian Free Data Profiler is not available on Apple or Linux Operating Systems.

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