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Real-time address verification

Keep dirty data from entering your system by implementing address correction at the point of capture. Our address validation API works in real time to help you collect only accurate address data

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How real-time address verification works

Whether you collect address information online, in call centers, or in store, you want to make sure the data you collect is accurate and that the experience is as simple as possible for your employees and your customers.

Our real-time address verification web services can easily integrate into your existing platforms to speed up the entry of address data, while increasing accuracy using geolocation data and USPS address correction. By ensuring you collect only accurate data, our real-time address verification tools will help you to increase efficiency and accuracy, while reducing costs.

How important is clean address data to you and your organization? If the address information you collect isn't kept accurate and up-to-date, your business can be impacted in ways you may not have considered.

Research shows that 83% of companies believe that revenue is affected by inaccurate and incomplete customer or prospect data. With Address Verification from Experian Data Quality, you can be confident that the addresses that you are capturing are accurate and complete the first time they are entered.

And because all you need to enter is minimal information, such as a ZIP code, you'll reduce around 80% of the key strokes it would normally take to enter a typical mailing address. Our tools can also help you validate addresses already in your database, so you can be confident that the information you hold is accurate over time.

So why does it matter? Most importantly, your customers will have a better experience. Quick and easy verification enhances the customer journey on your website and makes users more likely to submit forms and complete their purchases. You'll also reduce costs and improve efficiency, because less of your precious time is wasted manually correcting errors.

Correct addresses also mean less returned mail and a greater ability to make accurate business decisions. Get in touch today to discuss the Experian Data Quality tool that's right for your business.

Accurate, up-to-date address database


All of the data quality with none of the disruption to customer experience


Pre-built software packages for easy implementation


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With our address verifier and address autocomplete api built in wherever you collect addresses, you can reduce the number of keystrokes required for entry and ensure that each address is clean, standardized, and up to date. This significantly helps to reduce potential data errors and increase consistency across your systems. By verifying addresses in real time, you prevent bad data from ever entering your systems, preventing the need for rework down the road.

Address verification API

Software that integrates right into your web checkout forms, call centers, Ecommerce sites, and mobile forms? It doesn’t get much simpler than this. 

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Software integrations

Don’t deal with unnecessary coding. Our pre-built address verification software packages integrate right into customer relationship management (CRM) systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Get right to collecting good address data without any of the hairy technicals. 

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Our expert advice...

Verifying addresses in real time allows organizations to maintain high-quality, accurate data. Leverage real-time address verification on our data quality platform.

Whether you’re new to the specifics of address verification or want a refresher on the different types of address verification, there’s no time like the present to brush up.


Real-time address verification is an important piece to overall data health

Our real-time address verification software supports all your business-critical initiatives that rely on accurate, up-to-date addresses.

We scrub, update, standardize, and remove duplicates so that the addresses you get are ready for use. Want to learn more?