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Real-time address verification

How it works

Parse component

Parse component

We parse the address from the web form into possible component parts.

Build search strings

Build search strings

These component parts are used to create search strings to find a match.

Search database

Search database

We search the USPS® database to verify that the address exists.

Score results

Score results

Because parts of an address may match many addresses in the database, we score them based on a set of criteria.

Choose best address

Choose best address

Now, we choose the best matched address based on its score.

Determine match type

Determine match type

Based on matching confidence, we’ll update the address or flag it for review.


  • Incomplete addresses are automatically completed and correctly formatted
  • Full addresses can be pasted into an underlying application
  • Addresses are formatted to a consistent standard
  • Validation of international addresses is available


  • Reduces up to 80% of key strokes required to record a normal address
  • Improves customer service and brand perception
  • Enables more accurate decision-making
  • Saves time and money on wasted communications and returned shipments
  • Offers customized implementation for major applications, including Salesforce, SAP, Siebel, and Microsoft Dynamics


Options for real-time address verification

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What our customers say

Address errors were costing us $30,000 annually in address correction fees and causing delivery delays, which resulted in unnecessary expenses and unhappy customers. 

As a growing online retailer, we needed a solution to reduce these fees and improve customer satisfaction. Experian Data Quality did both; they've also provided a definite benefit to our online checkout experience.

David Kravetz Co-Founder, Fairytale Brownies

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