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Real-time email validation

Have you ever sent out an email campaign and did not receive your desired ROI? After the fact did you discover the campaign was sent to the wrong list of customers, or that the list was formatted incorrectly? With our real-time email validation tool, you can stop reactively solving for email data issues. With every email campaign you send, you can be certain you’re sending the right messaging to the right customers. 

Verify my database

How does real-time email validation work? How are my email addresses being validated in real-time?

First, a user enters an email address into our real-time address validation tool. This is then live process that kicks off when the email address is entered. We then check to see that the email address is well-formed.

If the email address is in the correct format, the domain is checked to make sure it has a mail server that's up and running. We then request to send mail by pinging the domain to make sure it is accepting mail. If the email address passes all of these tests, the email address is validated and passed through the form to the recipient. 

Increase confidence

Rest assured that your emails are being sent to valid contacts

Validate on demand

Identity invalid email addresses before they plague your system

Improve sender reputation

Reduce the amount of bounced emails you send

Businesses are maximizing the power of data to better serve their customers and improve their bottom line. Interested in learning how your organization can benefit better data? 

Email verificaiton

Imagine if you could quickly and accurately determine if an email address is valid before sending to it? With our email verification tool, all you have to do is enter in the data and we can easily detect whether that email address and domain are valid before you hit send. Want to learn more? 

Format my email addresses correctly

Contact data quality

Human error is the main cause of inaccurate data. This can cause a problem when businesses make major, strategic decisions based on their data. Our contact data management solutions will help you navigate your database and protect you from making inaccurate decisions. Ensure all of your data is accurate, cleansed and enriched. 

Create a cleaner tomorrow 

Full feature set

Does your business rely on successful and profitable email marketing campaigns? Do your email blasts reach all of your intended potential customers? Or do you have incorrectly formatted email addresses in your datasets? Learn how we can help cleanse your database and validate email addresses ahead of time to improve your marketing efforts. 

Data quality is just one piece of the data management puzzle.

Find out how our data management tool can help you today.

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Invest today for a better tomorrow. Do not let an inaccurate database affect your email marketing efforts. Let us identify invalid emails before they are sent, instantly validate domains, and correct any misspellings or incorrectly formatted email addresses. Our trusted data and privacy standards will keep you and business secure.