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Improving operational efficiency and client satisfaction with Experian Aperture Data Studio

Implementation and Delivery, a key division within Experian’s Consumer Information Services (CIS) group, has been actively seeking ways to make their batch processing run more efficiently. This is no small task given that thousands of programs are moving through this division each month with all levels of complexity. The group processes millions of consumer records and the output must be flawless.

Unfortunately, much of this work around data quality was manual, which created efficiency issues for the team. The CIS batch business needed to find a solution to reduce some of this manual effort and to help ensure clients and internal partners will receive the data they need accurately and on time, but in a way that allows Implementation and Delivery to scale.

Adding to the challenge, clients have the flexibility to use a near endless assortment of input layouts. This can make it difficult to spot incomplete fields that cause more manual manipulation. CIS wanted to be sure that the solution they chose would be able to work efficiently and seamlessly with the variety of data they receive.

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The Implementation and Delivery team evaluated a variety of options to solve for their needs and were very excited to learn about Experian Aperture Data Studio.

Experian Aperture Data Studio is the latest data quality and enrichment platform from Experian’s Data Quality (EDQ) group. The platform allows users to quickly and accurately
build a holistic view of their data, validate information, remove duplicates, and build repeatable workflows to ensure consistent data transformation.

After hearing about the product from an Experian colleague, CIS Senior Director of Client Services Sammy Song was intrigued and looked to determine if Experian Aperture Data Studio offered streamlining of the batch delivery processes.

Sammy reached out to EDQ to learn more about the product and to determine if the new technology would be able to assist the delivery team in improving data processing. After a demonstration and a proof of concept, he could see the tool’s ability to quickly profile data and create usable views to reduce the manual processing required of his team, as well as provided a more efficient quality assurance effort.


Experian Aperture Data Studio’s efficient data quality assurance significantly reduces manual rework and allows Experian to be more competitive in the market. The Implementation and Delivery team is now better able to identify issues in any data set early in the process and take corrective steps sooner.

In addition, the platform has addressed issues with suppression files, proving beneficial to clients that are working with particularly sensitive data. With the addition of Experian Aperture Data Studio, the client was able to recognize significant inconsistencies in the data sent to Experian. The client was better able to understand the issues with the file and was then able to direct the Experian delivery team to the appropriate information to ensure a successful project.

CIS is utilizing Experian Aperture Data Studio as a quality assurance measure throughout the entirety of the process. This includes not just checks of the file prior to processing but also additional review of the data prior to customer delivery. Experian Aperture Data Studio helps give CIS the confidence they are delivering the best data experience in the market.

“Experian Aperture Data Studio has numerous applications for our business,” said Brian Mill, chief delivery & fulfillment officer at CIS. “It will help guarantee that our 2,500+ batch clients consistently get the exact data they ordered. It will take labor-intensive processes built on legacy technology and allow us to fulfill in a much more automated and streamlined fashion. This allows us to redeploy our best and brightest people into more complex and custom work that delights our clients.”

By using Experian Aperture Data Studio, the team is providing a consistent experience for every customer and every file, regardless of size or complexity. This confidence in delivery reduces the potential volatility and ensures consistency.

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