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2017 global data management benchmark report

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Businesses today recognize the importance of the data they hold, but a general lack of trust in the quality of their data prevents them from achieving strategic business objectives. Nearly half of organizations globally say that a lack of trust in their data contributes to increased risk of non-compliance and regulatory penalties (52%) and a downturn in customer loyalty (51%). To be of value to organizations, data needs to be trustworthy.

For 2017, our annual global data management benchmark report looks at the responses of more than 1,400 data management professionals to understand how data is being used within organizations, and how the quality of that data impacts business priorities. Our analysis provides insight into the evolution of data management and identifies key areas of focus for 2017. 

In this report, we discuss our findings from this unique study, including:

  • How data powers business opportunities
  • Why trusted data is essential for performance
  • Challenges that affect data quality
  • The current state of data management practices
  • Upcoming data-related projects in 2017

By exploring some of the trends in data management, as well as some of the opportunities, this report will provide clarity for those embarking on data management programs—enabling organizations to tackle their major data priorities in the upcoming year.


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