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Assembling the A-team for your data governance program

Business leaders today recognize the importance of data to their overall business success. Data is so fundamental, in fact, that our 2018 global data management benchmark report found that 95 percent of C-level executives believe that data is an essential part of forming their business strategy. 

Although a majority of organizations understand the importance of data governance for meeting strategic objectives and regulatory requirements, the path to standing up a governance program can be lined with obstacles. In fact, 95 percent of businesses say that they struggle to implement a data governance program, and forming the necessary data governance team is one of the primary obstacles. 

To help you build a successful data governance organization, we’ve created this guide to identify and explain the key players in data governance. In this white paper, you'll learn about various roles within the data governance organizations, including:

  • The data governance champions
  • The data governance council
  • The data governance office
  • And more!

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