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Building a business case for data quality

We believe data is foundational to every organization, and the quality of that data is critical to sustained business success. While most organizations indicate that data supports their business objectives, on average, a third of their data is believed to be inaccurate, which can undermine their ability to make strategic decisions. 

While organizations see the value in data quality, the process of making it a permanent program can prove more challenging than it first appears. To help you expedite the process and avoid common roadblocks, we surveyed more than 400 professionals around the globe to find out how they built a business case for data quality, what challenges they faced, and where they saw success.

In this report, we discuss our findings from this unique study, including:

  • The current state of data quality maturity
  • The impact of bad data on the business
  • Common practices when building a business case for data quality
  • Measuring outcomes and success of the business case

After our report, we have provided a unique business impact worksheet to help you begin identifying areas of improvement for data quality at your organization. This worksheet will enable you to present an evidence-based and quantifiable business case to your leadership team.


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