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Data migration obstacles

A successful data migration begins and ends with data quality


In a world where business needs and technology is always changing, a successful data migration will set your business up for success. Data migrations are complex undertakings that require a great deal of time, money, and effort. 

Every year, 83 percent of data migrations fail or exceed their budget and schedule. That is 83 out of 100 data migrations that fail every year. 


In this white paper, we go into detail about the most common pitfalls and obstacles companies run in to. Most organizations find that an unsuccessful data migration starts with a lack of data quality.  Having accurate, high-quality data is essential for a successful migration. The most common issues or problems a business can run into when dealing with data quality include how the data was entered, processed, identified, and integrated, as well as how it ages.

Experian Data Quality has identified some of the biggest obstacles to a successful data migration: 


Despite so many potential obstacles, a well-prepared organization can achieve a successful data migration. Planning, getting the buy-in and budget you need, and ensuring you have the right people, processes, and tools to complete the migration can help you avoid many of the challenges most organizations face. 



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