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Getting business buy-in for data management projects

There is no time like the present to prepare for the future. And nowhere is this more relevant than when preparing for your next project—which, if you’re like the 99 percent of IT professionals, started yesterday. Almost all retail organizations are planning to undergo a data-centric project within the next 12 months, and for retailers, the most popular are data enrichment and data migration projects. 

As an IT pro, it’s your job to make decisions based on data. That’s why when you’re tasked with bringing new technology to the table for a marketing initiative, your internal customers know you’ll do your due diligence. And that’s where this white paper comes in. 

We will discuss what data quality initiatives are top-of-mind for marketers. In understanding what they care about, you can present a stronger, more robust business case to invest in the solution that you’re excited about. We'll cover:

  • What is necessary for successful data enrichment and data migration initiatives
  • What internal and external roadblocks can impede your progress
  • Discuss the criteria needed to get business buy-in

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