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How financial institutions are leveraging data for business objectives

In this era of digital transformation, the financial services industry has seen seismic changes in the way business is conducted. Evolving customer expectations and increasing competition from fintech organizations mean that financial firms must innovate to retain their share of the market. As the pressure to innovate continues to grow, so too does the pressure from regulatory bodies that demand transparency and accountability.

This need to play both offense and defense is the paradox that financial institutions face today, and data may hold the answers. All too often, however, poor-quality data or silos between databases prevents organizations from leveraging their information for strategic decision-making. To be a data-driven organization, your financial institution needs data it can trust.

This white paper examines the results of our recent global study to understand how (and why) financial institutions are investing in data quality and data management programs. Topics include:

  • The key business drivers for data quality programs
  • The current state of data quality maturity
  • How financial institutions are implementing data quality programs
  • A case study on how Schroders is using data quality to its advantage
  • And more!

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