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Increasing business efficiency through self-service

It's no secret that in business, time is money. For many organizations, however, valuable time is being lost as business users wait for hours, days, or even longer to receive their requests back from IT. As data becomes more and more critical to decision-making processes, business users need greater access to information than ever before. 

To meet the data needs of the business, many organizations are adopting self-service models. By providing data access to users across the organization, businesses can become more agile and more efficient. With great reward, however, comes great risk. While increasing access can enable users to retrieve the information they need, it can also create vulnerability for the security of information stored within the business' databases. 

In our 2017 global data management benchmark report, we discovered some of the greatest challenges organizations face when it comes to keeping up with the data needs of stakeholders and the increasing pace of business. Read this white paper to learn: 

  • How to increase access while keeping your data secure
  • Who should manage your data
  • What role IT should play in your data management strategy
  • And more

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