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The 2018 state of data management

As a key strategic asset and an essential part of achieving their citizen mandate, data is of paramount importance to public sector agencies across the United States. Agencies recognize that in order to deliver value, they need quality data they can trust. Despite this fact, they estimate that nearly a fifth of their citizen data is inaccurate (18%). While there is still room for improvement, agencies strive to continually enhance their data management strategies, and have made good progress year-over-year.

Growing expectations from their constituents and increasing regulations are shaping government agencies operate. With new possibilities arising through the digital revolution, they rely on data now more than ever to drive efficiency and execute their strategic objectives. The results from this year’s study highlight the important role data plays in the public sector, as well as the challenges many organizations face as they look to capitalize on the exciting opportunities of modern-day technological advancements.

Read the report to learn more, including why:

  • 87% of agencies consider data to be one of their greatest strategic assets
  • 93% of agencies believe data plays a key role in achieving their citizen mandate
  • 90% of agencies are looking to grant access through open data


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