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The Chief Data Officer

Powering business opportunities with data

The chief data officer (CDO) is a crucial role for organizations looking to embrace digital transformation. While the role is relatively new to many organizations, the value a CDO adds is widely acknowledged by other C-level executives. In fact, 82% of CIOs believe there is a compelling case to hire a CDO in most organizations today.

Disparities between organizations, however, mean that not all CDOs are set up for success. Less than half of CDOs are given a clear remit or objective when they join an organization. In order for businesses to become data-driven, they need to empower their CDO to ensure quality information that can be used in a meaningful way throughout the organization.

This report discusses our findings from this unique study, including:

  • The top motivations for hiring a CDO
  • The CDO's reporting lines and organizational fit
  • The areas on which the CDO is focused
  • The CDO's relationship with the CIO
  • And more!

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