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The impact of bad contact data quality

Businesses are always looking to cut bottom line costs and reduce expenses wherever possible. One area where businesses continue to see significant budgetory waste is around inaccurate contact data.

In fact, our annual global data management research study revealed that 75 percent of businesses believe inaccurate data prevents them from delivering a good customer experience. What’s worse, these organizations also believe that a quarter of their customer records are inaccurate.

Given how important contact data is to business success, today’s organizations are investing more and more into data quality and data management. Accurate contact data will not only prevent wasted resources, but will also increase up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to existing customers. 

In this white paper, you'll learn:

  • How data quality responsibility has been shifting over recent years
  • A five-step process to follow in cleaning and maintaining a database
  • Where contact data inaccuracies continue to rear its ugly head

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