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The smartphone story

Intersecting mobile and retail

Advances in technology are driving great leaps in the way retailers deliver value to consumers and stay ahead of competitors. Smartphones in particular are at the forefront. Used as a research device, a means of purchase, and a way to engage brands through apps, mobile devices enable retailers to engage consumers and collect data about them more so than ever before.

Over the past three years, mobile usage has risen from 67 to 77 percent. Smartphones are used for everything at any time, and the role they play in retail will only continue to grow. What this will challenge marketers to figure out how best to deliver what shoppers want at the moment they seek it.

Read this white paper to see what happens at the intersection of mobile and retail and how it affects data collection and truly understanding your customer. See how:

  • Today's spending power is undergoing a generational shift, from the Baby Boomers to Millennials and Generation Z
  • Marketers must rethink decades-old marketing strategies to incorporate this shifting landscape
  • Retailers must become data-driven and data-optimized to deliver on expectations
  • Optimizing mobile for data collection can be achieved more simply than you think

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