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Which state has the best taxes for small businesses?

Taxes are a pain for all of us, but they can be especially difficult for small businesses. Besides the process of filing them and keeping organized records, the amount of taxes that small businesses have to pay is sometimes prohibitive to their growth. When someone is thinking about opening a small business, therefore, one of the first things that they might look at is how burdensome the taxes in their state might be. If a nearby state has a better tax system, it may be more advantageous for a prospective business owner to open shop there instead of their home state. This infographic will show you which states have the best tax systems for small businesses, as well as which states have the lowest and highest personal income tax rates. The latter is important for small businesses as well - 94% of businesses in the United States file as individuals. If you're a small business owner or just a curious investor, this infographic has a lot to teach you!

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