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Retail address capture for point of sale

Many loyalty programs owe subscriber numbers to store associates who leverage address capture at the point of sale. However, employee churn is high across retail outlets and store associates may not recognize the importance of data quality.

Real-time data capture and verification ensures that address, email and telephone information is collected quickly and accurately. Store associates speed through the data collection process by using our enhanced Typedown functionality, reducing the time it would normally take to gather information at checkout.

Capturing data at the point of sale allows companies to:

  • Acquire customer data faster and more accurately
  • Reduce time required to enter clients into loyalty programs
  • Improve customer satisfaction through a more seamless checkout process

Email acquisition at POS is an essential practice for any retailer attempting to build a loyalty program. However, capturing accurate email addresses can be tricky, especially when store associates are rushed at checkout or utilizing tablets for collection. Email validation ensures the validity of each address before it is introduced into the retailer's email campaigns.

Including email validation at the point of capture will:

  • Reduce email bounce rates and enhance email deliverability
  • Maintain a positive sender reputation with ISPs
  • Increase inbox placement and email campaign results
Email verification Email verification at POS ensures that only valid email addresses are collected and used within loyalty program campaigns and for purchase confirmation emails.
Address verification Address verification at POS helps store associates capture client data quickly and with fewer keystrokes required.

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