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Retail call center data solutions

Retailers who manage call centers, catalogue businesses or order processing must deal with data quality issues every day. Call center data solutions help Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) increase the speed and accuracy of data capture. Over time, validated and standardized customer information acts as a mechanism to identify duplicates, ensuring that CSRs have access to the right information.

With real-time customer data verification, CSRs enter data with fewer keystrokes, reducing issues caused by language barriers and other typos. During the capture process, if a client's address or email is incorrect, the tool prompts the CSR with the missing or inaccurate data elements. This allows the CSR to resolve the issue quickly, before the telephone conversation is completed. CSRs leverage real-time data solutions to reduce handle times, improve customer satisfaction rates, and enhance customer data quality.

Benefits of call center data solutions include:

  • Increased duplicate identification from partial records
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced operational costs and staff rework

Inaccurate client records often indicate a messy CRM database, filled with partial records that should be merged. Retailers who verify and standardize contact records are able to achieve a single customer view, which leads to enhanced profiling capabilities and improved customer engagement.

Contact data verification and duplicate identification tools will:

  • Improve customer relationships by leveraging a 360° customer view
  • Enhance client profiling, marketing capabilities, and business decision making
  • Increase client satisfaction and reduce strain on CSRs
Address verification Address verification allows CSRs to enter addresses with fewer keystrokes, reducing call handle times while still ensuring data quality and a positive customer experience.
Data matching Data matching software locates records with similar contact data characteristics, allowing CSRs to locate customer purchase history quickly to provide a high level of service.

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