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Retail data verification for e-commerce

Consumers who purchase online and through mobile websites often speed through checkout, leading to incorrect customer data. E-commerce data verification ensures the accurate capture of customer address and email information. When a mistake is made, the software prompts the customer with information about the type of error to ensure a speedy resolution that fits within each retailer¬ís existing checkout process.

Real-time customer data verification ensures the timely delivery of product shipments, reduces strain on operations and fulfillment staff, and ensures that accurate customer data is available for decision making.

Implement e-commerce data verification to:

  • Reduce undeliverable packages and address correction fees
  • Ensure data verification at all points of capture including online and mobile
  • Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring timely deliveries
  • Enhance customer profiling by collecting standardized data for analysis


Retailers are now able to take customer insight to the next level with real-time contact data enhancement tools. With individualized customer insight delivered immediately as each customer purchases, retailers can personalize remarketing efforts to drive additional sales based on behavioral and attitudinal information.

Address verification Address verification at checkout ensures that customers enter accurate and deliverable information, ensuring timely shipments and reducing any back-office rework.
Data enhancement Real-time data enhancement provides individualized insight to help retailers tailor the online experience and personalize remarketing efforts.

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