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Single customer view

Creating a single customer view will help your business consolidate and optimize your valuable customer data. In order fully understand your customers’ needs and buying preferences, businesses need to incorporate all of their data into a single source. 

Better understand customer’s needs

Strengthen your customer relationships by achieving a single customer view.

of companies face challenges around how they manage data

of companies see improving the customer experience as the biggest driver for single customer view

of companies however, say poor data quality is a key challenge to delivering excellent customer experience

Get my single customer view

* Source: 2019 Global Data Management Research Report

Consolidate and track customer records through a single customer view.

A single customer view consolidates your customer data so you can view customer profiles on an individual level. By unifying customer accounts, you can provide superior customer service. Careful tracking of all customer interactions enables your organization to create a personalized customer experience, every time.


Create personalized customer service 

  • Increase customer loyalty and brand recognition.
  • Consolidate multiple databases.
  • View data in a single source of truth.
  • Run a more efficient business.

Confidently capture your target audience.

of organizations maintain customer records to capitalize on market opportunities through customer profiling.

  • Human errors happen. Ensure that your data is accurate.
  • Prevent inaccurate and duplicate information from entering your database.
  • Our cleansing tools will correct and standardize data.

A single customer view enables businesses to run more efficiently. Your marketing department can be confident they’re targeting their campaigns based on accurate information, and your finance group can easily access the most up-to-date billing data for customers.

Capture a clearer picture 

Address verification

In order to achieve a clean and accurate data set, you need valid addresses. Our address verification tool, validates and standardizes any address that may be incorrect in real-time.

Capture accurate addresses

Data quality management

Increase your profits, reduce costs, and manage risk with our data quality management platform. It will help transform your organization and elevate your competitive advantage. 

Maximize your data's potential 


Capture a clearer picture by creating a single customer view.

Does your organization struggle with duplicate customer accounts and inaccurate information? Creating a single customer view will consolidate all of your valuable data into a single source. Centralize, control, and optimize your customer data.