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Understanding data in the utilities sector

Blog post: 6 ways data quality can help utilities

Improve your ability to analyze data and better understand your customers. 

What are the most common challenges in the utility industry? 

Having correct contact records (addresses, emails, phone numbers) is very important

There is an incredible volume of data at hand and there are many different touch points within a utilities organization. With data being collected through many different sources, this makes inaccurate data and duplicate records a very real, and very messy, problem.

Complying with federal regulations

TCPA, yeah you know me. TCPA, or the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, protects the rights of recipients from telemarketing, automated messages, and otherwise. You need to ensure you’re adhering to TCPA regulations to avoid getting hit with penalties.

Understanding who your customers are

People leave digital traces at every part of the customer experience. Having these multiple touch points can make it difficult to reach existing or potential customers with the right messaging.


Data quality statistics for utilities 

of utility companies have a desire to turn data into insight

of customer data is believed to be inaccurate 

of utility companies have experienced email deliverability challenges in the past 12 months 

of utility companies believe inaccurate data leads to a poor customer experience 

How to combat common challenges in the utility industry? 

Start improving the basics

Good data quality is essential in providing superior customer service, especially where budget and staff resources must be allocated efficiently. Start by validating your customer contact records. Get to that singular customer view, merge duplicate or similar records together, and improve the way you do business. 

Monitor your data quality

The utilities sector requires significant investment in growing proper infrastructure because like many other government agencies, it is continually innovating to meet customer expectations. Utility firms often must combat obstacles like debt levels, changing grids, J.D. power ratings, and competition boasting lowered rates.

Enrich the data you have

Get to know your customers on a personal level. Leverage your data to understand customer preferences to improve outreach and targeting efforts. 



Sharpen your business's accuracy

Store only accurate information

Address verification

Because wouldn't you rather spend 34 cents on something more exciting than undelivered postage? 

Ensure timely communications

Email verification

Modernize your user experience and trust notifications are sent to the right recipient.

Improve day to day operations

Phone verification

Eliminate duplicate records caused by human error and reduce confusion surrounding records.

Create a better experience

Data enrichment

Verify contact data in real-time and append missing or incomplete information.

Make a lasting impression

Data matching

Deduplicate and merge your data records to create connections within your customer database.

Truly understand your customers

Data quality management

Capture data insights and discover a new perspective within your database.

Not quite sure how or where to start?

Let us help you leverage the value in your data. We can help utility organizations profile, manage, and monitor data quality all while improving your bottom line. 


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Having accurate address data is the first step.

To have a successful data management program, your organization needs to ensure that data is high-quality and ready to leverage for business intelligence initiatives. Discover how your organization can build a complete data quality strategy.

Store only accurate information

Because wouldn't you rather spend 34 cents on something more exciting than undelivered postage? 

Address verification