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Data quality for utilities

Verify customer contact data for increased efficiency and improved communication

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Be a competitive differentiator through excellence in customer service with contact data validation.

Good data quality is essential in providing fast and superior customer service, especially in the utilities industry where budget and staff resources must be allocated efficiently. With a typical utility company addressing the needs of thousands of customers, accurate contact data collection can be a huge undertaking.

Trust in your data again with address and email validation

Start at the foundation to make a difference in your database. Begin by verifying that the customer data entering your database is correct and up-to-date, so that communications, notifications, and billing statements down the road are not impacted by faulty data.

Understand that bad data quality is much more costly to fix after an issue arises than it is to address from the get-go. Invest in a strong data management practices to ensure that your organization is maintaining a strong customer database. 

Contact data validation will enable your organization to:


Maximize budget and staff efficiencies


Decrease the amount of time wasted due to operational disorganization


Ensure that all communications are delivered to the right recipient


Improve customer experience in call centers

Our data quality solutions for education:

Address verification Address verification allows utility companies to collect and store only accurate, up-to-date customer contact information in their database.
Email verification Ensure that timely communications and notifications are sent to the right recipients the first time around.
Phone verification Eliminate duplicate records caused by human error and reduce confusion surrounding student records.

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