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What is phone verification?

Phone verification is simply a way to prove a phone number is real and working, and shows you if a number is connected to a network to receive calls.

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This is a big help if you have a long list of phone numbers and don’t want to waste time calling a dead phone line. Phone verification gives you the confidence that each number you dial will reach a real person with a valid number.

But phone verification doesn’t just tell you if a number works or not. It also gives you the information you can use for better business performance. In addition to verifying if a number is real, phone verification can tell you:

  • Telecommunications operator or operating network
  • Landline or mobile phone type
  • Country of origin
  • Network status
  • Country code

Some phone verification programs can even validate numbers before they enter your phone list. This real-time validation keeps fake or miss-typed numbers off your list. Every time a new number is added to your database, you can be sure it’s real.

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Three ways to verify phone numbers

There are three ways to verify phone numbers, depending on what information you need:

  • Global phone validation: Use a web service to validate phone numbers in real-time. The service gives you the information you need on each number, such as network status and phone type.
  • Phone verification API: An API service helps you validate phone numbers in real-time—think about when you are checking out online and you type your phone number into the field. This helps you keep fake numbers from ever entering your database.
  • Bulk phone number validation: Automatically clean up your phone number list. You can set up recurring phone number list cleaning, or upload your phone number list for whenever you want.

How does phone verification work?

Verifying phone numbers works by searching data from telecommunications companies for the phone number you enter. The phone verification software looks for the number, determines whether it’s active, and finds out useful information, like whether it’s a landline or mobile phone.

The phone validation tool also pings the phone number to see if it can receive calls or text messages. This ping doesn’t send notifications to phone users, so the phone number’s owner won’t know that you validated their number.

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Five reasons you should use phone verification

Like verifying emails, making sure a phone number is real and active can have a big impact on your business. You’ll spend less time blindly calling numbers and more time getting in touch with customers and business contacts.

The top five reasons you should use phone verification include:

  1. Update contact lists: Did a business contact get a new landline or switch to a mobile phone? Regular phone list cleaning lets you make sure all the numbers in your contacts are active and ready to receive calls.
  2. Reach more real customers: Increase revenue opportunities by connecting with real people each time your sales team makes a call. By making sure that a number is active before calling, you improve your chances for conversions.
  3. Keep communications open: Make your customer experience stand out by verifying customer phone numbers. Accurate phone numbers let your customer care team check in on past customers.
  4. Send the right messages to phone types: Communicating with a landline is often different than reaching someone on a cell phone. Knowing a number’s phone type lets you pick the right approach to contacting customers.
  5. Stay in compliance with telemarketing regulations: Different countries and phone types have different communication rules to follow. Phone verification gives you the information you need to stay in compliance with regulations.

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