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The 2016 global data management benchmark report

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Every year, Experian Data Quality conducts a study to look at the global trends in data quality. This year, research findings reveal how data practitioners are leveraging and managing data to generate actionable insight, and how proper data management is becoming an organization-wide imperative.

This study polled more than 1,400 people across eight countries globally from a variety of roles and departments. Respondents were chosen based on their visibility into their orgazation's customer data management practices.

Read through our research report to learn:

  • The changes in channel usage over the last 12 months
  • Expected changes in big data and data management initiatives
  • Multi-industry benchmarks, comparisons, and challenges in data quality
  • And more! 

Our annual global benchmark report takes a close look at the data quality and data management initiatives driving today's businesses. See where you line up and where you can improve.


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