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Address cleansing

Clean and enhance every address in your database.

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs by eliminating the need to manually fix address inaccuracies.

Market effectively

Ensure your marketing communications reach the right customer.

Improve accuracy

Increase your database accuracy for more intelligent decision-making.

You can work with our professional services experts to perform a one-time or regular address cleansing of a large number of address records.

Did you know?

of organizations say that they rely on gut feelings to make decisions based on their data.

  • Ensure addresses are correct as they are entered into your database.
  • Prevent returned packages by verifying address data in real time.
  • Obtain a single customer view by joining disparate data from every source into one record.

Batch address verification

Do you have a list of addresses that need to be cleaned and standardized? Our batch address verification solution scrubs your address list clean for immediate use. 

No time? You can also have our data quality experts perform an address cleansing job for you.

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Address validation API

Integrate address verification directly into your website, landing pages, E-commerce, and mobile checkouts! Recommended for businesses and organizations who experience high volumes of address data entry.

Unsure of the technicals? We'll be with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth integration process.

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Full feature set

Your guide to bulk address cleansing solutions

This guide will walk you through how to choose the right solution based on your business requirements, from certifications to qualify your organization for postal discounts to the different deployment options available to suit your technical requirements.

Data quality is just one piece of the data management puzzle.

Find out how our data management tool can help you today.

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Why should you partner with our services?

It’s simple. They work. That’s why Hastings Mutual Insurance said “With Experian Data Quality, we have all but eliminated incorrect addresses entered internally. The solution delivered value to our business at a minimal cost and a low total cost of ownership.”