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Address Cleansing

How it works

Parse addresses

Parse addresses

We break down the address into possible component parts.

Build search strings

Build search strings

These address components are used to create search strings to find a match.

Search database

Search the USPSĀ® database

We check the USPSĀ® database to make sure that the address exists.

Calculate results

Calculate results

The address may partially match others in the database, so we score it based on thorough criteria.

Select the best address

Select the best address

Now we choose the best matched address based on its score.

Update the address

Update the address

Based on matching confidence, we then update the address.

All options for address cleaning

Learn more about address cleaning


  • Instantly corrects missing or inaccurate address data elements
  • Ensures consistent formatting of addresses and corrects typos
  • Validates both U.S. and international addresses
  • Clean your lists as you need them, without interrupting your existing collection processes


  • Ensure your marketing communications reach the right customer
  • Provide a superior customer experience
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need to manually fix address inaccuracies
  • Increase your database accuracy for more intelligent decision-making
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What our customers say

Of all the products we evaluated, Experian Data Quality's software was the easiest to work with, which was very important to us. We understood that if we were to realize significant productivity gains, the solution we chose had to be easy to use.

With Experian Data Quality, we have all but eliminated incorrect addresses entered internally. The solution delivered value to our business at a minimal cost and a low total cost of ownership.

Joe Sacco IT Application Development Supervisor, Hastings Mutual Insurance Company

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