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Create a single customer view

Informed business decisions depend on good quality data. But that data can be spread out across your organization—across people, systems and databases—making it difficult to get a holistic look at the information available to you.

To make good business decisions and create engagement with your customers, you need a single view of each individual. This means consolidating all of the information you have about your customer into a single file so that customer details are readily accessible in one place. This individualized view helps you better identify your most valuable customers, more easily develop and deliver cross-sell and upsell opportunities and increase customer retention.

But many businesses struggle to create this type of accurate, consolidated and accessible database. In fact, just 15 percent of organizations claim to have an effective single customer view in place. Common challenges include a high degree of poor contact data, disparate databases, departmental siloes and poor searching functionality.

We can help you overcome these challenges by providing a comprehensive solution to help you improve the accuracy of your data, but also identify duplicate accounts for consolidation. We can even help you monitor your data over time to ensure the quality of your data is maintained as new information is constantly added.

Our service team is committed to helping companies gain insight from their data. In fact, according to Gartner, “Experian's customers gave positive feedback about the level of technical support and service it provides.”

Ready to get started? Learn how our data matching and data enrichment tools can help you build a single customer view.

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