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Monthly Archives: April 2015

5 key findings about the multi-screen movement

Retailers, take note: Another one of life’s constants, aside from the gift of taxes, is that we’re all consumers. The average American spends 45 minutes of each day shopping—whether on laptops, through tablets or using mobile devices.

In the U.S., people spend over seven hours each day looking at screens. We are consumed by a variety of screen-based devices: televisions, computers, smartphones, tablets and more.  This multi-screen, buyer-driven reality creates more chances for today’s retailers and marketers to connect with consumers than ever before. According to our recent Global Research Survey, retailers employ an average of 3.4 channels to connect with and collect data from consumers.

With the quickly changing digital marketing landscape come chances for retailers to innovate their marketing strategies. Here are five key findings about the multi-screen movement every retail marketer should consider to keep ahead of competition.

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What we learned at Demandware XChange 2015

I had the pleasure of representing Experian Data Quality last week at the Demandware XChange conference in Las Vegas. As many people in the tech world know, Demandware has seen massive growth over the last few years and brought an astounding 700 retailers, 300 partners and 200 employees to the conference this year. I spent the first two days connecting with other LINK Technology and Solution partners as well as learning about Demandware’s plans for joint marketing and promotions to drive additional revenue and referrals.

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Insights from SAP Sapphire 2015

The SAP Sapphire Now event took place last week in sunny Orlando, Florida, and Experian Data Quality retuned to the event yet again! Thousands of people from all over the globe, and many different industries attended the event to gain more insight, learn about the SAP product roadmap, connect with peers and educate themselves on key trends and topics in their specific industries.

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Top 5 data quality insights for 2015

Data is playing an ever increasing part in our lives and this trend is expected to continue in 2015. The concepts of big data and data-driven insight certainly aren’t going away any time soon. With that in mind, there are five insights from a recent Experian Data Quality study that you should keep in mind this year.

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