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3 companies navigating the pandemic by driving customer experience

It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting businesses and consumers alike. As a retailer, you may have had to pause in-store operations and determine how to enhance your digital experience all while serving customers at the same level as you did pre-pandemic. Retailers are now leaning on their customer experience more than ever to drive sales in an everchanging world.

Right now, your customer’s journey with your brand should illuminate with the fact you are standing by them in this uncertain time. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes—you can understand the need for a safe, convenient, and seamless experience, especially now.

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Retailers, like you, are looking to connect with their consumers now more than ever to provide the optimal customer experience.

Think about leveraging loyalty programs, showing your commitment to others, and stepping up as a leader in your community to enhance your brand experience like these industry leaders.

What’s more, think about how these three efforts could work for your organization and what information—valid email addresses, mailing addresses, in-depth demographics—you need to connect with your customers personally.

1. Geico is giving their customers a reason to be loyal.

Retail loyalty programs have grown and evolved over the years and they seek to serve both sides of the customer and retailer relationship.

Geico is doing just that. For existing policy holders, they are offering a 15% discount on customer’s current contract. By proactively acknowledging the changing world around us, Geico is serving loyal customers in a new way. We may be driving less or had a shift in family situation that necessitates a change. Geico is showing their empathy for their customer’s life changes and it is refreshing!

Showing customers your loyalty to them is even more important than ever. It’s about acknowledging hardships your customers might be facing and offering discounts on annual service contracts.

2. Lexus is showing their commitment to serving others.

Customers care about what brands are doing to take care of their shoppers, employees, and community. During these uncertain times, it is important for customers to know where to turn for the services they rely on.

Lexus is communicating its commitment to its customers, community, and employees across its marketing channels.

  • For customers, the company is offering contactless transactions, service, payment relief options in these uncertain times.
  • For the community, Lexus is partnering with charitable organizations to make an impact in the areas we live and work.
  • And for its employees, the company is committed to protecting employees with opportunities for work from home and strict adherence to CDC guidelines for their on-site employees.

When you put people first, you are reinforcing your commitment to your customers. Knowing you are there for them through these uncertain times, will keep them with you during brighter days.

3. Target is being a brand leader.

When brands make the effort to be socially responsible, they become leaders within their communities.

Target is leading the way. In addition to their $10 million-dollar coronavirus relief fund which is helping communities in need, they are taking care of their customers and employees. Vulnerable customers have special shopping hours, for example. Employees are being offered additional pay, provided protective equipment like masks and gloves, and backup care benefits to ensure even their families are being cared for.

Making a difference in the world, especially one that effects everyone globally, gives your consumers a reason to connect with your brand on an even deeper level.

Geico, Lexus, and Target are not only taking steps to navigate this pandemic by driving an optimal customer experience, but they are also paving the way for other retailers to follow.

Now, it’s time to think about the resources you need to personally connect with your customers during this pandemic, like these industry leaders have done.

The key to effectively responding to the COVID-19 pandemic is high-quality customer data.

According to our 2020 global data management report, the top ways retailers believe being data-driven gives them a competitive advantage are ability to adapt to market changes (56%), better insight for decision-making (51%), and improved customer experience (50%).

When you have accurate and relevant customer contact information—validated emails, mailing addresses, and enriched demographics—you can streamline your communications, effectively connecting you with your customers. What’s more, you will also have a better understanding of what your customers care about.

With our free address lookup tool, you can put your people first by knowing which locations are at high risk for COVID-19. By leveraging trusted data and demographics, companies can ensure safe deliveries while understanding the market shifts—here’s an example.

Now you have the insights needed to effectively adopt to these unusual times, protect your employees, plan safely, and make sure your customer relationship doesn’t miss a beat.

When your response to the pandemic puts people first, and more importantly, your message reaches your customers, like Geico, Target, and Lexus, you can generate leads, meetings, and conversations.

Join the conversation today to learn how you can better connect with your customers, especially during a crisis.

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