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A complete data quality solution

Whether you’re working on a large data migration project, or simply trying to answer business questions with your data and having issues, Experian Pandora should be part of the conversation. We often hear from customers that they have disparate databases, leverage excel to house important data, or just have no idea how bad their data really is. This often leads to us running data tests on a subset of their data, which typically cannot tell the whole story, or is not statistically significant based on the total size of their database.

Picture this situation: an executive in your business asks you to come prepared to a meeting with data across different systems to answer a specific question about customer trends. Sales have taken a turn and you need to identify your best customers so that you can profile them and then work with your marketing colleagues to find similar customers to drive more units. If you’re in retail, now you’re looking at the POS database, CRM system, Customer Service System, and Loyalty Database, all while trying to find information on a subset of customers that will be interesting to your management team. Yikes! Since you don’t want to show up to the meeting with incomplete or inaccurate information, you end up pushing it until Monday and working through the weekend.

In comes Experian Pandora. With this powerful tool, you can now proactively profile full volumes of data across all of these systems to identify data challenges, or relationships that would have previously taken you hours to dig through systems for. We can help to provide you with 250 pieces of metadata within your data sets instantly.

Now that you can assess your data at full scale, you have the opportunity to clean it up with data quality processes like matching, cleaning, and parsing capabilities. We’ve been in the data quality business for over 20 years, so you can trust us to help you leverage all of these capabilities to make real headway on your data’s accuracy—and we do it in one interface.

At this point, thanks to the help of Experian Pandora, you’ve managed to get your data profiled and clean. You understand the relationships between your data sets and can find information substantially quicker than you could in the past. Moving forward, you’ll want to maintain control so you don’t have to start the process over again. With the tool’s monitoring features and dashboards, you will be able to leverage automatic alerts, audit trails, issue resolution, data policy enforcement, and more so you can continue to be the boss of your data.

No longer will you be speaking anecdotally about your best customers in a meeting; you can come prepared with the most accurate and complete data possible, making you the rock star in the room.

Are you ready to take control of your data management? Experian Pandora is your complete data quality solution.

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