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Clint Mason

Clint Mason is a Strategic Account Director at Experian. He has worked with various clients to solve their data quality challenges. Most recently, his focus has been in the public sector space, primarily working with clients in Health and Human Services (HHS). He has a passion for solving data challenges for HHS organizations, consulting them on how to improve data quality to improve outcomes for their citizens. 

Improving outcomes at the National Health and Human Services Summit

This past week, I attended the National Health and Human Services Summit in Arlington, VA. Over the past three years, I have met and worked with many state Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies across the United States. Through my work with these agencies, I have encountered a common goal is “improving outcomes.” What this means is ensuring constituents are served in the best possible way, and the focus of this conference was no different. 

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Discovering future opportunity for HHS at the ISM Conference

Data quality

This week I attended the 50th Annual ISM show, which is the largest Health and Human Services (HHS) technology event of the year. Here, I had the opportunity to chat with some interesting people within the HHS space to understand their organization’s current data management practices. I was also able to listen to some informative sessions that explored ways to improve the HHS space using new, innovative technologies. I have personally spent the past couple years working in and learning about the HHS market, so I wanted to sit down and reflect on the most pressing topics in our world.

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Healthy data makes for healthy organizations

As a Health and Human Services provider, you know how important health is. Connecting people with the resources they need to improve their lives is a top priority. But do you ever consider the health of your organization? The same way that healthy people enjoy fuller lives, healthy organizations are better able to provide their constituents with excellent services. In order to make the right strategic decisions, you need your data to be healthy too. So what does it mean to have healthy data and how can you make sure you do? 

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