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James Straggas

James is a strategic partnerships manager within the digital marketing and email space for Experian Data Quality. As the “self-proclaimed email oracle,” James helps businesses learn how to better connect with their customers through better email data quality. When not ranting about the merits of real-time email verification, he’s drinking a scotch hopefully older than he is. Dog lover, car enthusiast, people person, and all around swell guy. Follow him @JamesStraggas.

Unnecessary necessities

Here’s an exercise for you: Go to Google. Type in, “The three necessities of life.” What’s the first result? I’ll save you the keystrokes—unlike most searches, the first result doesn’t link to a website. The answer’s so obvious that Google provides one for you. Food, (including water), shelter, and clothing. No matter what culture, time era, or religion, everyone agrees that in life, these are the absolute three necessities of survival. Without food and water, you die.  Without shelter or clothing to protect you from the elements, guess what, you die. 

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Sender reputations, credit scores, and a classic case of "Run it again"

I’m sorry sir, your card’s been declined.

What do you mean? Run it again.

Yes sir, I’ve already run this three times. It’s—it’s not going through.

That’s impossible. This is a Platinum card with a $50,000 limit. Let me use your phone, I’m calling my bank.

Awkward, isn’t it? As you may have guessed, Evan did not walk out of the store with his new Gucci loafers. Now what happened here?

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