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Kent Zeng

Kent Zeng is a Sales Engineer at Experian Data Quality. He received his Computer Engineering degree from Northeastern University and has been working in the software industry in one role or another for over five years. He specializes in the expansion and spread of knowledge within and between teams. 

Using enrichment to learn more about your customers

Data enrichment and analytics

Learning more about your customers and achieving a single customer view is a seemingly elusive goal for many companies. With the right tools, however, you can append your existing information with additional data to get a more holistic view of your customers. Prospect IQ (PIQ) is one of Experian’s data enrichment solutions that enables you to do so. PIQ is used most often by companies to enhance their marketing through greater customer insight and personalization. Whether that means better approaches to getting repeat customers, new avenues for attracting new leads, or better targeting existing leads, enriched data provides additional information that helps you approach your goal more strategically. Beyond marketing, other customers use PIQ to better understand their customers’ wants and needs, to expand product lines, and to model the likelihood of a sale. 

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How customizable is NameSearch?

NameSearch is Experian Data Quality’s premier matching solution that can accurately and efficiently identify duplicates within your systems. NameSearch uses fuzzy matching to identify records that lead to the same individual, despite the misspellings, nicknames, typos, extra, or missing information across a single or multiple databases. It’s useful for organizations in any vertical that might require a matching solution, and, because of that, it is highly customizable.

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