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Lauren McKinney

Lauren McKinney is a Senior Marketing Campaign Specialist at Experian Data Quality. Her focus is on integrated campaigns across our various channels. Outside of work, she enjoys practicing yoga, trying out new restaurants and baking for friends, coworkers and family.

9 standout quotes from ‘Gain better customer insight via improved data quality’ webinar

Yesterday, we held the ‘Gain better customer insight via improved data quality’ webinar that reviewed our 2016 global data management benchmark report’s most important findings and conclusions. Erin Haselkorn, Analyst and Public Relations Manager and Basil Brown, Pandora PreSales – Technical Lead discussed the key takeaways

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Better leverage your data: Overcome common data quality challenges

Data cleansing, Data quality

Marketers need to work to improve their data management techniques and how they work with other parts of the organization to improve the quality of data assets. Yesterday, Erin Haselkorn, Analyst and Public Relations Manager at Experian Data Quality presented a webinar, “Better leverage your data: Overcome common data quality challenges.”

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Don't be a last minute holiday marketer

It’s never too early to start planning for the holiday season. Consumers are already dreaming of getting holiday emails from their favorite brands or businesses with deals, promotions and gift ideas neatly wrapped inside. But as a marketer, you’re more worried about making sure that those messages get delivered without any hiccups. Yesterday, Spencer Kollas, VP of Global Deliverability at Experian Marketing Services, and Shirley Zhao, Content Marketer at Experian Data Quality presented a webinar, “Don’t be a last minute holiday marketer.” They covered off the top email collection challenges, consequences of bad emails to your business, leveraging verification and deliverability techniques, and discussed how to prepare for holiday success.

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Loyalty matters: How better data drives more loyalty and more revenue

Retail and ecommerce

With a 24/7 shopping cycle and an increasing number of digital channels at their disposal, consumers today are more empowered than ever before and forcing businesses to adapt to their wants and needs. Yesterday, Shirley Zhao, our Content Marketer, and Melanie Clark, our Retail Partner Manager presented a webinar, “Loyalty matters: How better data drives more loyalty and more revenue.” The webinar covered statistics around loyalty and three ways to improve insights on loyalty along with your loyalty or customer engagement program.

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A complete data quality solution

Data migration

When you decide to take on a data integration project, it will require a lot of advanced planning, work, time and resources. Without a deep understanding of what the project's requirements, it's unlikely that you will complete the integration on time and on budget. Yesterday, Rishi Patel, Strategic Account Manager at Experian Data Quality and Michael Ott, Senior Vice President at Innovative Systems, Inc., an Experian Data Quality partner, presented a webinar, “De-risking data integration projects.” The webinar focused on four major topics: the historical challenges of data integration projects, how current environments introduce additional complexity, an advanced methodology for overcoming data integration challenges, and a checklist to ensure that your project stays on track for success.

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Inspire 2015 with Lexmark Software

Experian Data Quality

Last week my colleague, Evan Yarian, and I attended Inspire 2015 in National Harbor, Maryland. Inspire 2015 is the landmark event for Perceptive Software, now known as Lexmark Software. Lexmark Software builds intelligent capture, content management, process management, enterprise search and integration products that connect unstructured printed and digital information across enterprises with the processes, applications and people that need it most. This conference brought together over 1,500 customers, partners and employees to connect, learn and have some fun! 

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Avoid a recipe for disaster: Baking and data quality have a lot in common

Data quality

As a marketer here at Experian Data Quality, I am by no means a technical expert on data quality. However, what do know is that I've found many similarities between data quality and one of my personal passions: baking! Both require pre-planning, solid execution and refinement after the fact.

Here are three tips that you can use when making amazing homemade cookies or implementing a data quality strategy.

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