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Liz Torres

Liz leads content marketing for Experian’s data quality management business. She is passionate about uncovering the latest data management and data quality trends and best practices to help organizations unlock the full potential of their data.

Why a CDO is integral to your data-driven strategy and culture

chief data officer

Our research shows 77 percent of businesses are actively working to put data insights into the hands of more people across their organizations, but surely with the recent crisis, that number is now even higher.

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How to stop data quality from undermining your customer experience

customer experience data

Nearly one-third of customer and prospect data believed to be inaccurate, delivering personalized product offerings and critical consumer goods can be a hurdle. We’re here to help you with a strategy for quickly addressing growing volumes of inaccurate data so you can meet the pressing real-time needs of your customers.

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3 most common data preparation challenges—and how to solve them

Data preparation

Research shows 93 percent of businesses face challenges in preparing data, and more than one-third are unable to see ROI from data management initiatives. Simply put: Bad data is bad for business.

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4 best practices for achieving trusted data

Data quality
data quality team

In data we trust…or do we? That’s the question—and it’s one that the vast majority of companies continue to agonize over. Just how much? Research shows by increasing the usability of data by just 10 percent, the average Fortune 100 company could expect an increase of $2 billion dollars in revenue. 

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