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Rich Mazzola

Rich Mazzola is a senior digital marketing specialist at Experian Data Quality working to create great experiences online for our users. Rich focuses on paid media, ecommerce and user experience. 

3 behavioral economics principles for digital marketers

Retail and ecommerce

Richard Thaler describes the origins of economics, “Economic models have substituted the human being, or Homo sapiens, for “a fictional creature called Homo economicus,” or “Econ,” a perfectly rational decision maker who always optimizes.”

It should be clear that there is quite a large assumption in the basis of economic theory: it’s based on a perfectly rational decision maker who always optimizes.

So how can digital marketers use this information to convert more users?

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Top 3 university struggles with data and how to fix them

As we reflect on the conference, we wanted to recap some of the awesome information that we’ve been able to gather from universities around the country. As they talk about the migration from Connect to Radius, another trend has emerged as well; the use of data.

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10 principles to reduce shopping cart abandonment

Retail and ecommerce

The Baymard institute has documented that the average online shopping cart abandonment rate is a whopping 68.53%. The reality is the usability issues that cause that number to be so high are largely aviodable. See the top 10 principles that should be utilized to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates.

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Does real time email validation affect conversion rates?

There is one common hesitation we continuously see from prospects and customers alike. Marketers are often reluctant to implement real time email validation into the forms on their website because they are nervous that it will negatively affect conversion and increase shopping cart abandonment.

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Death of autoresponder (DOA)

This is anti-autoresponder, death of the automatic email reply.

Digital marketers have relied on the autoresponder for years. It has commonly been used as an engagement tool to send automatic messages to users when they sign up for a free trial, attend a webinar or request a monthly newsletter.

Autoresponse: A brief history

To understand where it has all gone wrong, we should first understand why it was created in the first place. Initially, the autoresponder was created in mail transfer agents to create ‘bounce back’ emails so users knew when an email wasn't getting to its intended recipient.

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Experian announces partnership with Ubuntu Education Fund investing in education within South Africa

Today, Experian has announced their partnership with the Ubuntu Education Fund. A non-profit organization with a simple, all –encompassing, yet radical mission: to help raise South African township children by providing them with what all children deserve – everything.

Experian’s partnership comes out of a mission of our own: a commitment to investing in the infrastructure of the developing nations in which we operate.

There is no greater example of this than in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It’s an area that sees unemployment hover at 40%, with youth unemployment at 50%; a major contributor to a country that has over 7.4 million people unemployed.

The unemployment epidemic is strongly correlated to the access children have to quality education and essential school supplies which support their learning environment. This access in Port Elizabeth is still largely restricted because of the struggle to recuperate from apartheid rule.

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