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Stephen Ochs

Stephen has been working in digital marketing for about 4 years. This past Janurary he joined Experian Data Quality as the Senior Digital Marketing Specialist. He has experience working with technology firms that have developed software products. As part of that he has done extensive research in various technical areas that often include Big Data, and data compliance. In addition to that, he keeps up to date with the latest technology trends and changes, and has experience in leveraging digital marketing and analytics to best position brands for success. Using these skills he continues to find ways to efficiently accelerate paid acquisition and advertising strategies. Stephen Graduated from Ithaca College in 2011 with a major in Business Management and minor in Legal Studies.

National Mom and Pop Shop Day

Every year we take time to honor the small businesses owners of the world, those who are dedicated to providing services for their community and are not looking to become a giant franchise. This day is March 29th, National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. 

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The real MVP of Super Bowl 50: Data

Data quality

Every year there is one day where advertisers get ready to empty their pockets and spend to get their brand and messaging in front of millions of users worldwide. With the guarantee of captivating the attentions of possibly the largest stationary audience at one time, advertisers are more willing than ever to spend through the roof to be front and center. This special day comes once a year, and is one of the few times commercials and advertising are paid attention to—looked forward to even—this day is Super Bowl Sunday.

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