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(Career) advice from a tree

Advice from a Tree

Stand tall and proud

Go out on a limb

Remember your roots

Drink plenty of water

Be content with your natural beauty

Enjoy the view

- Ilan Shamir

Trees have a wise way of teaching us quite a lot. In fact, there is a popular poem that can be found on everything from stationary to posters alike that puts into words all of these reminders that a tree can give.

But rather than using this advice for a personal time of self-reflection, lessons from trees can branch out into the workplace as well.  This year, Arbor Day fell within the first month of Experian Data Quality’s new fiscal year. As we begin this new time as a company, it seems a tree has a lot to tell us about what we can do as a business, and can serve as a reminder of where we hope to go this year.

It takes a group of trees to grow a forest.

While one tree on its own is beautiful, it takes a whole group of trees in order to make a forest that draws people in, and holds them in awe. A remarkable business understands this analogy, and puts practices into action that helps to grow their “forest.”  In order to create a company that attracts both clients as well as applicants, it is important to grow the employees who are currently there. You cannot have a forest with only one tree, and you cannot have a strong company without investing in all of the people who make up your organization.

Spread your roots.

In order to grow larger, a tree must spread its roots. A business looking to grow its brand and company must do the same. A company that can grow where it is planted, wherever that may be, allows its roots to spread. The awareness of that company will grow, further increasing that company’s client base, as well as its impact in the community. Just as we can look at a large tree and know that its root system is extensive, individuals can look at a company in a similar way. If a company is notable, it is clear there are firm roots and a strong base. 

Get your nutrients.

A tree can’t grow without feeding itself the proper nutrients. A career cannot grow without doing much the same thing. What are you doing to take in new knowledge and grow? In a career, whether it is attending networking events, finding a mentor, asking for feedback, or watching a webinar, among a multitude of other options, the resources are all around you. If you hope to grow, or to help your employees and business grow, ask yourself what nutrients you are providing. Seeking out these opportunities, much like a tree with good nutrients, will result in rapid growth.

In order to remind the Experian Data Quality family of this (career) advice from a tree, employees received a tree sapling from the Arbor Day Foundation. As these trees grow, spread their roots, and take in all the nutrients we can offer, we hope it will serve as a reminder to each of our team members to do the same.

If you would like to share this message with your organization as well, please share our blog, and visit the Arbor Day Foundation to learn more about getting trees of your own. We want to hear from you too! Tweet to us and tell us what career advice you receive from a tree!  


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Get growing!