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Data quality important to call centers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
According to a recent report by NICE, call center interactions are becoming more data-centric. Customers have come to expect a level of personalization and service regarding difficult issues that calls for collection and use of data. Wherever data is in use, data quality issues come to the fore, as accurate records could be the key to fruitful customer interactions and positive brand image.

The NICE survey found that customers are using more self-service channels than before to solve small problems. This means that a higher percentage of support calls than ever are meant to address large, complex issues. Two-fifths of surveyed consumers stated that they want their representative to already be aware of their situation when they call.

The report found that the key to understanding the situation and helping the customer through a problem can come down to data. With high-quality data, every step of the online help process has been logged and can serve the call center agent.

Consumer interaction provides companies with data points that can be used to help with a process or to make a sale. Marketers at the Aprimo Marketing Summit expressed interest in adding analytics and data scientists to keep the information in order to marketing departments.