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Email address verification tools 'should not be overlooked'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers who utilize email as a means of communication with their customers must ensure that the accuracy of their address data is high.

According to an article by Marketing Week, the accuracy and deliverability of email address data is an area which is often overlooked by many companies.

The report recommends that organizations take advantage of address verification tools to combat the problem, with the software helping to save businesses money and ensure that the maximum number of consumers receive marketing messages.

It states that there are a number of different things that can be done to ensure that email data quality is improved at the point of capture.

"With … Experian QAS offering a new generation of email data hygiene services that do not just validate the form of an address by confirming it exists at the given DNS, there is no lack of technology or process to apply to the problem," the article notes.

Recent research from the Direct Marketing Association has revealed that the top challenges for email marketers are poor targeting and a lack of understanding of subscribers' email usage.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler