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Governance, risk management and regulatory compliance need data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
High data quality standards can benefit businesses looking to improve their governance, risk management and regulatory compliance standards.

This is according to an article by Predictive Communications, which suggested that storing accurate information way key to achieving these aims.

Writing on the IT Web site, the organization explained that any decisions surrounding the three areas must be made and based around reliable data if they are to succeed.

"Successful GRC initiatives demand an integrated and enterprise-wide view of risk and compliance. As a result, your business requires access to all its data, regardless of where it resides and the form it takes," the article said.

"It must be available to users and applications when, where and however needed. And your business needs to be confident that its data is available, complete, accurate, consistent, auditable and secure."

Meanwhile, Thomas Schutz, general manager at Experian QAS, recently claimed that many US organizations are still struggling with data quality problems, despite having efficient data management strategies in place to counter them.

Posted by Richard Jones