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QR Code tech can improve email lists

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses looking to improve their email marketing strategies may want to find out how quick response code (QR Code) technology can help them.

According to an article by, small business owners can grow their email marketing lists by adopting the software.

"The popularity of these small two-dimensional barcodes is growing as more consumers buy camera-enabled smartphones," the article stated.

Indeed, as the uptake of smartphones increases, the importance of these QR Codes to marketing professionals is likely to increase.

Mobile users with a camera-enabled smartphone can scan the code, which has been coded to do things such as display text, provide contact data or even open a web page in the browser on the smartphone.

"Today QR Codes are becoming a novelty in North America and businesses have found some interesting ways to use them. One use of QR codes that's growing in popularity is as a URL shorten service. This is a boost for small business marketers," the report added.

Posted by Paul Newman