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Records management security 'is essential'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
IT managers have stressed the importance of security to records management processes.

Speaking to, Anthony Torreso from Ruby Ring Technologies said that many company employees make the assumption that computers are already protected, but this is not the case.

He highlighted recent hacks at Visa and MasterCard to illustrate how important security is to records management.

"Depending on the company's store, you can have all sorts of personal information, medical records, financial information, car titles, you name it - job history, employment history, stuff that you could use to blackmail people," he explained.

Despite this, he claimed that 13 per cent of organizations have no security at all, while 15 per cent do not have a firewall.

Recently, Tony Neate, from Get Safe Online, warned businesses that it is important to educate staff on security best practice, as this can work to prevent firms from suffering an attack on records management systems.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler