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Customer data validation

Clean email list

Email Verification

Experian Data Quality’s email validation service helps busy business professionals get the most out of their email marketing dollars.

  • Get your messages delivered to your customers’ inboxes by improving email deliverability and reducing bounce rates.
  • With our industry-leading technology we provide the information so you know whether an email address is accurate and actionable before mailing to it. 
  • The email validation process includes checks on the syntax, domain, mail server and account. It supports both business and popular consumer email domains, such as Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and more.

Clean a list

Address Validation

Experian Data Quality’s postal address validation service helps busy business professionals reach their customers, eliminating waste and maximizing efficiency.

  • Maximize the ROI of your budget by reducing the waste of returned mail packages and the manual re-work that goes along with them
  • Increase response rates by ensuring you connect with your prospects and customers
  • Our USPS address verification service validates, standardizes, and corrects address data to ensure you have the best possible data quality before you mail


Clean a list


You and your customers come first

Delivering an outstanding experience keeps existing customers coming back and helps attract new ones. That means having a handle on things like address and email data.

When every dollar counts, you can rest assured you’re working with a premiere data quality provider when you work with us. We get that data quality may not be your biggest worry, that’s why we’ll do the legwork and you handle the business.

Frequently asked questions

General FAQs

The file must be comma- or semi-colon- separated values or an Excel (.xls or .xlsx) file.

Once you upload your file, it goes onto Experian Data Quality's email verification platform for processing. Results are typically returned within 24 hours but may take longer for larger file sizes.

Your file will be available for 30 days after the day you upload your file.

Email FAQs

Experian Data Quality's service identifies whether or not an email address is valid and deliverable, allowing you to remove harmful email addresses before you mail them.  Experian Data Quality validates every component of an email address, including the syntax, validity of the domain, and existence of the username. The username validation is done via a variety of methods including an SMTP communication, and other proprietary methods designed to provide the most accurate results.

Your Email Service Provider (ESP) has the responsibility of making your mailings as effective as possible. An effective mailing is one that reaches every intended subscriber's inbox and your ESP wants to ensure that your emails will achieve that goal. Many ESPs have their own tool that does an initial scan of your list, in order identify any potential red flags that may affect the performance of your email campaign. Once they've scanned your list, they will recommend you validate it, specifically to identify which emails are invalid and may be harmful to your Inbox Placement Rate and Sender Reputation. When you remove these addresses from your lists, your ESP will be pleased with your deliverability... and so will you!

There are several companies offering various types of email validation service.  Experian Data Quality provides industry-leading accuracy and data security so our customers can be assured their data is in good hands.  One of the major advantages to using Experian Data Quality is our proprietary technique for validating Yahoo! addresses. This allows us to deliver greater Yahoo! accuracy than any other vendor, such that we are catching bounces our competitors currently miss.  

Address FAQs

Experian Data Quality leverages the most recent data from the United States Postal Service® (USPS®) to verify your list of addresses.  Simply upload your file and Experian Data Quality's service will quickly verify the address data, correcting minor errors and identifying which addresses are good for mailings and which need more attention.

The first row of your file must contain column headings.  Any column that contains address information must include "address" within the header.  You are free to label any other column on the spread as you would like.

Experian Data Quality organizes your results into three buckets so you can quickly segment your data and mail to only deliverable addresses.  Addresses in the "Verified" and "Corrected" categories are confirmed to be deliverable addresses  and can be mailed to.  Addresses in the "Unmatched" category are missing important information such as apartment or suite information, or contain multiple errors that cannot be automatically corrected by an automated service.  These addresses should not be mailed to as they will likely result in returned mail.