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Take charge of your data migration

Data is an integral part of every organization’s success. Yet many organizations aren’t able to maximize the value of their data. Migrating to modernized data management systems makes it possible for organizations to gain meaningful insight from their data, reduce inefficiencies, and connect with customers more effectively. 

What are your data concerns?

Data migration failures are often due to the lack of effective collaboration and improper planning.

of organizations embark on some type of data management project.

of those organizations run into challenges along the way that negatively impact their budget and their timeline.

of companies say data migrations fail because of lack of collaboration. 

Set your migration up for success

* Source: 2017 Global Research Report

Master your data migration

Our one-stop solution for data migrations will help you reduce the associated risks with traditional data management projects, shorten project timelines, and ensure that your costs stay under control. By focusing on the quality of your data, your migration will provide better-quality results. 

Leverage your data as an asset
  • Pre-migration planning is essential to the success of any data migration project.
  • Creating a structured plan, identifying key project resources, and conducting landscape analysis will set your organization up for a successful data migration.
  • Thorough testing is critical before deploying a data migration project.

Quality data is essential

of data migrations fail every year.

  • Data migrations fail due to designs that are not properly planned and poor data quality.
  • Challenges during a migration can throw off planned timelines and budgets.
  • Reduce the risk of a failed migration by preparing timelines, resources and budget.

With our data migration software, create preferred specifications to be targeted and mapped out during the migration process. Implement a design for all interfaces that you need to extract data from and define how you will monitor data quality issues. 

Develop your migration plan 


Let us focus on the technology, so you can focus on what's important; the results.

Data standardization

Eliminate inconsistent formatting, incorrect punctuation, and obscure characters in your dataset.  Build a set of standardization rules to keep data formatted consistently across the organization. 

Organize my data 

Data profiling

Analyze your data for consistency, uniqueness, and logic. We love a challenge. Let us help you put the pieces of the puzzle together. 

Profile with a purpose 


Let us take the stress out of your data migration.

Our data management system includes a single tool that will simplify your data migration experience. Whether you’re analyzing data, performing root cause analysis, or building out migration rules, our solutions can help. The ease of use means technical and non-technical staff can work together, share screens, and collaborate to analyze data.