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Address correction charges


Major carriers levy address correction charges to their clients for incorrectly-formatted or addressed mail and packages.

This is to compensate for any effort a shipping company makes in order to deliver to an incorrect address including:

  • Finding the proper ZIP Code™
  • Correcting a number or street name
  • Re-formatting the shipping address to conform with USPS® or other international postal service standards

As our customer case studies demonstrate, address correction charges run upwards of $5 per package. For many shippers, these billbacks can run into tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, leading to:

  • Decreased company profits
  • Delayed delivery of customers' packages
  • Employees tasked on inefficient manual address verification

Address correction charges can be massively reduced by the implementation of an effective address verification solution. Experian Data Quality software provides comprehensive data quality solutions that empower companies to reduce or eliminate address correction charges, saving time and money while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction.

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