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Address entry


The process of entering an address into a form, spreadsheet, database or any other application.

Addresses can be entered manually by typing on a keyboard or input electronically by a separate application.

Example address entry:

7994 E Railroad St
Evanston IN 47531-8213

When entering addresses into a database manually, many factors can affect the quality of addresses being entered:

  • Typos
  • Absence of directionals (e.g. E for East)
  • Incorrect street names
  • Having the wrong ZIP Code™
  • Missing ZIP + 4® (Learn more about ZIP + 4®)
  • Incorrect addresses can lead to delayed mail, address correction charges, lost marketing opportunities and frustrated customers

When faced with this problem, many companies often resort to manually verifying addresses while implementing address verification software is typically a more cost-effective and timely solution.

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