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ZIP + 4® is the standard USPS® 9-digit ZIP Code™. At this level of granularity, only a handful of addresses share the same postal code, making delivering letters and packages to the correct address a whole lot easier.

The function of the ZIP + 4® is to indicate a more specific area within a ZIP Code™, including the side of the street on which the building is located. The ZIP + 4® enables mail to arrive faster, as it reduces the need for human interaction in a mail center.

Unfortunately, the majority of people do not know their '+4' and cannot provide it when asked either in forms or over the phone.

The Experian Data Quality suite of products adds the ZIP + 4® to every recognized address. This comprehensive data quality solution enables companies to capture accurate and complete addresses in nearly every instance, saving time and money by getting addresses right the first time they are taken.

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