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Address scrubbing


Address scrubbing is the process of correcting and verifying addresses automatically in a list or database.

Typical mistakes found in address data run from incorrect house numbers to an incomplete ZIP Code®, with some addresses missing even more essential information.

A common error is leaving off secondary address information--that is, apartment, suite, plaza etc. Upwards of 20% of mail handled by the USPS® is inaccurate or incomplete, some to the point of being entirely undeliverable.

Address scrubbing software can help to correct these costly errors and omissions. Address scrubbing typically works on the back-end, checking address records against a trusted source such as USPS® data to automatically find and fix bad addresses.

A back-end address cleaning solution is designed to work with your existing address database, fixing and correcting addresses before they are output into things like shipping, marketing, and billing processes.

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