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Address standardization

What is address standardization?

Address standardization is the first of three steps in the address data hygiene process. Once the addresses are standardized, the records are deduplicated. Then, address verification occurs. Address verification compares your addresses against the USPS database to ensure that the addresses are valid and deliverable.

Address Standardization and Deduplication

Addresses are first standardized, correcting spelling errors and formatting the data to meet USPS standards. Then the address records are deduplicated, identifying similar or identical records and removing the duplicates.

Address Standardization and Verification

Address standardization ensures that addresses are spelled and formatted correctly but does not guarantee that the addresses are valid or deliverable. Once the addresses are standardized and deduplicated, the address verification solution compares your addresses against the USPS database to validate the deliverability of the addresses. If information is incorrect or missing, address verification updates the records.

Address standardization is the process of correcting and formatting addresses to meet USPS standards.

Address standardization software:

  • Fixes spelling errors
  • Corrects abbreviations
  • Formats capitalization to match the preferred format of the USPS
  • Formats the ZIP code to ZIP + 4

Address standardization reduces costs on returned and undeliverable mail and helps ensure that you reach your target audience.

Examples of Address Standardization

Corrects Spelling Errors



2707 Elm Ave

Albequerque NM 87102-9997

2707 Elm Ave

Albuquerque NM 87102-9997

Modifies Abbreviations to USPS Standards



529 Main Street

Suite 204

Charlestown, Mass. 02129

529 Main St Ste 204

Charlestown MA 02129-1104

Modifies Capitalization to USPS Standards



215 snyder ave SW

Olympia WA 98501-1358

215 Snyder Ave SW

Olympia WA 98501-1358

Formats the ZIP Code to the ZIP + 4 Code



130 Auburn Ave NE

Atlanta GA 30303

130 Auburn Ave NE

Atlanta GA 30303-2567

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